Some cool things from the #cycling Twitter feed

  Before I go to bed each night I read the #cycling Twitter feed. There's some good stuff there. Here are some of the things I've seen recently. I thought this was very funny: a car drove into a high-viz shop. This is inspiring. There are 6 children on that bike! I thought I did… Continue reading Some cool things from the #cycling Twitter feed

Don’t swear at mothers cycling their kids to school

I was cycling my daughter to school this morning - she is only 6 years old - and a man in a van shouted at us, "You should have a fucking helmet on". I was wearing a helmet. I was wearing a Hövding which is the safest most effective helmet you can buy. I understand that… Continue reading Don’t swear at mothers cycling their kids to school

Bakfiets vs Butchers and Bicycles cargo bikes

I rode the kids to school in Busby today for the first time since March this year. Since then I've been cycling Harald each day. Here's a photo of Busby followed by a photo of Harald so everyone knows what I'm talking about when I say Busby and Harald. Busby: Harald:   Busby got sick in… Continue reading Bakfiets vs Butchers and Bicycles cargo bikes

My daughter is a Hitchcock fan

I introduced the kids to one of my favourite Hitchcock films this week, The Lady Vanishes. It was made in England in 1938, before Alfred Hitchcock left for Hollywood. It's pitched as a thriller but a 1938 thriller is quite different to a modern one; there's not the same level of violence and thus it's suitable… Continue reading My daughter is a Hitchcock fan

I’m so cool … not

We were cycling through the centre of Aberdeen earlier and I was feeling great: the weather is perfect, people were staring and smiling at us thanks to Harald (my bike) and I was thinking how cool I must look. Everything was perfect. Then I stopped at some lights to cross the road. When they turned… Continue reading I’m so cool … not


A Swedish engineer has invented the PodRide, a fully enclosed electric bike, and has raised his goal of $30,000 through Indegogo to bring it into production. It looks great but it would be more appealing to me if there was a family version with room for kids. For this reason I prefer the Elf.  … Continue reading Bicycles


The school playground saga continues and we're in the process of getting several quotes. Companies that install new playground equipment offer a no-obligation design and quote service and I met one fellow yesterday afternoon to show him the play areas and explain what we wanted. I told him that we can't have swings and slides and I… Continue reading Flatland

Dressed for the destination, not the journey

This YouTube video comparing cycling in Holland with cycling in Britain is truly wonderful and well worth watching. What is particularly interesting is that it wasn't always this way in Holland. They used to have the same problems we have with traffic and air pollution but a spate of child deaths sparked protests and so began the start of policy which… Continue reading Dressed for the destination, not the journey

The helmet brigade

Once when I was cycling home from school an overweight woman yelled out to me, "Where's your helmet, Mum?". I might have been wearing the Hövding at the time, I can't remember, but that's beside the point. I could have replied with, "Why aren't you exercising, fatty?", but I didn't because that would have been rude… Continue reading The helmet brigade

Bicycle rush hour in Copenhagen

I saw this great YouTube footage of bicycle rush hour in Copenhagen on the Copenhagenize site. As you watch it, imagine how different it would look if each of those cyclists or even the majority of them, were in private motor vehicles instead. Also notice how hardly any of the cyclists are wearing helmets or hi-viz clothing… Continue reading Bicycle rush hour in Copenhagen

What is commuter cycling?

People in English-speaking countries don't understand commuter cycling. I went into one of those outdoor sports shops this morning looking for waterproof tights. When I cycle in the rain my raincoat keeps my upper body dry and my boots keep my feet and calves dry. But the bit from my knees to the bottom of… Continue reading What is commuter cycling?

Cycling in the rain: BRING IT ON!

I got completely drenched cycling the kids to school this morning. But as I was peddling along and struggling to see through the curtain of rain battering my face the glass half full part of me was happy about one thing: the fresh, clean air. I, and all the other people in the city, have to inhale the… Continue reading Cycling in the rain: BRING IT ON!