My daughter is a Hitchcock fan

I introduced the kids to one of my favourite Hitchcock films this week, The Lady Vanishes. It was made in England in 1938, before Alfred Hitchcock left for Hollywood. It’s pitched as a thriller but a 1938 thriller is quite different to a modern one; there’s not the same level of violence and thus it’s suitable for kids. The Lady Vanishes also has lots of funny bits. Two of the characters are English gentleman whose only concern throughout – even during the gun fight near the end – is to get back to Manchester to watch the cricket.

The kids both loved it; so much so that Elizabeth watched it a second time today. Maybe we’ll watch North by Northwest next.

Some photos from our bike ride this afternoon.


I’ve got another Nuu-Muu dress.


Badass look. I think I’m getting good at this. What d’ya think?


The cabin from my viewpoint.


Elizabeth is watching The Lady Vanishes here and Daniel is playing a game and looking a bit worried about something. I’m not sure what.


Ben and I have been watching Breaking Bad after a recommendation from a friend. We are completely hooked but part of me hates the show at the same time. Not one of the characters is likeable. I dislike all of them. I usually feel miserable after watching an episode but they’re all so gripping I have to watch another. At the very beginning I had a bit of sympathy for Walt and his predicament but now he’s turned into an arsehole it’s hard to empathise with him. Some of the episodes are just so shocking too, like the acid in the first series. I nearly gave up watching it after that.