Cycling with babies and toddlers

I watched this video recently of cycling with babies and toddlers on the Dutch Bicycle blog. I won’t say anything about it other than to point out to those who might be horrified when they see it that the Dutch have the lowest incidence of head injuries in the world.

4 thoughts on “Cycling with babies and toddlers”

  1. I’d cycle too if our road system looked like that. What a joyous society to live in. I remember compromising so far on my beliefs in the environment and fitness when I had children and lived in the countryside, and I can see the problems of transporting them around are compounded by the dangers and by them getting bigger.

    1. There are very few parents in Britain who would let their children cycle on the roads as they are currently. The only way to get more women and children cycling is to build cycle paths that are not shared with cars, trucks, and buses.

      1. That’s true about women cyclists. Almost all the cyclists I know are men and most of them see it as a sport/competitive thing (although a couple I know see it as recreational/relaxation.) I see the sporty ones taking their kids out sometimes, but I think they are the ones who are supremely confident on bikes and able to pass that onto their kids. I know I wouldn’t be happy to do so.

  2. On road cycling classes for youngsters seems to be taking off here. Good to start the habit young I feel. Also how dangerous is it not to be involved in activity that may lead to a healthy lifestyle? Not easy questions given the state of roads for cycling. Quite a few of the cyclists I know (male & female) go out with their kids cycling & I certainly take my granddaughter out when she’s here. I also thinking many man see cycling as both things, I certainly do myself.

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