The view from the cycle path

The other week I wrote about how the view on my ride to Newton Dee is different all the time. Today it looks like this.


The cycle path had a thin coating of snow which made a nice crunching sound as I cycled along it.



What do you think of my hat? I got it in Dublin about a year ago. The sunshade is just wide enough to shade my eyes from the sun.


I feel very safe on Busby in the snow. Indeed I feel safer on Busby than in a car and probably go faster, as I’m sure my brother-in-law can attest (he was forced to follow behind me in the car one snowy day over Christmas and from what I gather only the local ants were going at a slower pace).

I got a new saddle for Busby about a month or so ago. It’s a Brooks Cambium C19 which is made from rubber and aluminium rather than leather.


It looks really nice and suits Busby.


It’s not a soft and cushiony seat but comfortable, nevertheless. I can tell the bones in my pelvis are taking the weight rather than my private bits and so I can recommend it. I haven’t gone any great distance on it yet – I’m a commuter cyclist and cycle every day but only short distances. The furthest I’ve gone is Newton Dee which is about 8-9 miles in total and it’s fine for this length of time. It’s definitely a huge improvement on the haemorrhoid seat.

5 responses to “The view from the cycle path”

  1. I have a Brooks Cambium C17 saddle on one of my road bikes. It was a birthday gift last year. I have completed numerous long rides (100 km+) without any discomfort, and there was no break-in time necessary. A great choice.

  2. I have no experience in riding on ice. I always think it must be slippery but it seems not?

    1. Fresh snow is powdery and has some friction so it’s not slippery. Ice is definitely slippery but even on ice I find cycling easier than walking. When you walk you lift your foot and put it back down again but cycling the wheels stay in contact with the ground the entire time and somehow this feels less treacherous.

      1. That’s really interesting about the foot and the wheel Rachel. Do you have to ride more slowly than usual?

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