Bikes for the bathroom

Busby has gone to hospital. There’s a problem with his brakes. It’s as though they’re permanently on and I have to pedal hard even when going downhill. Unfortunately it’ll be at least a week before he gets fixed because the bike shop is fully booked. Elizabeth had to go to a party today and so she had to cycle herself while I ran along beside her. It actually worked out really well and fortunately the party was just a bit further along from a purpose-build bike path and so she got to cycle off-road for most of the way. I’m feeling pretty exhausted now though.

If I ever got myself a non-cargo bike I’d want a Pashley. I’ve always loved these British-made bikes for their beauty and also practicality. Isn’t this a beautiful bike:


I googled Pashley to see how much they cost and saw this wash-basin cross fully functioning Pashley bicycle. Would you want that in your bathroom? The basket might make a good laundry basket and you could hang a towel on the handlebars. Just under £1900 from Victorian Plumbing.