Bikes for the bathroom

Busby has gone to hospital. There’s a problem with his brakes. It’s as though they’re permanently on and I have to pedal hard even when going downhill. Unfortunately it’ll be at least a week before he gets fixed because the bike shop is fully booked. Elizabeth had to go to a party today and so she had to cycle herself while I ran along beside her. It actually worked out really well and fortunately the party was just a bit further along from a purpose-build bike path and so she got to cycle off-road for most of the way. I’m feeling pretty exhausted now though.

If I ever got myself a non-cargo bike I’d want a Pashley. I’ve always loved these British-made bikes for their beauty and also practicality. Isn’t this a beautiful bike:


I googled Pashley to see how much they cost and saw this wash-basin cross fully functioning Pashley bicycle. Would you want that in your bathroom? The basket might make a good laundry basket and you could hang a towel on the handlebars. Just under £1900 from Victorian Plumbing.


16 Replies to “Bikes for the bathroom”

  1. All the best for Busby, my bike’s in hospital as well after a wee contretemps with a motorised vehicle. I’ll blog about it soon.

  2. Bike shop? I do my own repairs..

    Also have to admit to buying a pedelec as part of my illness-recovery program. Nerve damage in my legs makes hill climbs physically impossible at the moment.

    1. Yeah, I really need to take a course on bicycle maintenance 🙂

      But my bike is tricky, even the guys in the shop looked at it with hesitation. The brakes are not visible. They’re enclosed in a metal cylinder. I’ve got hub brakes.

      I had to google pedelec: an electric bike, right? That’s great that you’re able to get out on the bike still. I was very tempted to get an electric bike because there are some hills where we live but I’m hoping the technology for electric assist will improve such that it can be added to any bike. There’s a system called ADD-E which claims to allow this but I’m not sure whether it’s any good –

      1. Well, there are some kits on eBay (up to 1000W, which is crazy and almost certainly illegal to actually ride with). Not sure I’d bother over a dedicated eBike.

        That link looks interesting, though. Although they cost as much as my Salisbury LPX did for the whole bike.

      2. An electric cargo bike is way dearer though and it also adds a lot of weight to the bike. It would be nice to have the electric option for very long rides but for most of the time I’d rather use my own steam but without the added weight.

    1. It wouldn’t fit in our bathroom but I’m not averse to the idea. It does seem like a waste of a good bike though.

  3. Now if you could set up the Pashley to act as a turbo as well? But still seems a waste of a machine built for the roads.

  4. Oh crap… my mountain bike is coming up to the end of it’s useful life (well… unless I spend money on a new chainset for it), so I have begun wondering about a new bike – and the Pashley Roadsters look amazing…

    1. The Roadsters are gorgeous bikes too. They’re classic, timeless designs and much more practical for city cycling to my mind than most of the bikes in bikes shops today.

  5. I would love a Pashley, but not at that price…yikes!! Hope poor Busby makes a full recovery and soon… 🙂

  6. Hopefully Busby will be back to action soon. On the bright side, living in a city that has fully booked bike shop is a great thing!

    Pashley is beautiful! I wouldn’t put such an expensive thing in the bathroom. This reminded me the bikes girls used to ride in my school, although those bikes are not a posh as Pashley.

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