The school playground saga continues and we’re in the process of getting several quotes. Companies that install new playground equipment offer a no-obligation design and quote service and I met one fellow yesterday afternoon to show him the play areas and explain what we wanted. I told him that we can’t have swings and slides and I explained the various other obstacles. Then he looked at the lower stages playground and said he thought it looked good and didn’t need anything. I scratched my head in wonder. Were we both looking at the same thing? I told Ben later and he remarked that it’s as though we’ve been transported to Flatland and we’re trying to explain how great it is in 3D but they’re convinced Flatland is much better.

I’m in my second week now without Busby. He needs a new hub and there’s only one supplier in the country and they’re out of stock. I’m told I probably won’t get him back until mid-April. The good news is that my new bike should arrive by the end of next week. I haven’t thought up a name for the new bike yet. I’ll have to wait until I’ve taken him for a spin.

Not having a bike means I’m not getting the same amount of exercise that I usually get. Now I have to force myself to go out running and it’s just easier not to do it. When I have my bike as my transport from A to B I get exercise without having to find the time to exercise. That’s the beauty of it. Sure I’m walking to school each day but that doesn’t get my heart rate up or strengthen my muscles. On that note I’m going to go out for a run.

6 Replies to “Flatland”

    1. Yeah, I was pretty bummed that they said no to slides. I was thinking of suggesting the bank idea so I’ll keep you posted!

  1. Weird that the guy from the company thought that a flat playground was perfectly OK. That really is like a parallel universe.

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