A Swedish engineer has invented the PodRide, a fully enclosed electric bike, and has raised his goal of $30,000 through Indegogo to bring it into production. It looks great but it would be more appealing to me if there was a family version with room for kids. For this reason I prefer the Elf.


I also read recently that Ikea will be launching a bicycle in August this year. It looks fantastic with a comfortable upright seating position, a step-through frame, a light aluminium frame, somewhere to put bags, and a carbon belt drive like my new bike has. More here.


2 Replies to “Bicycles”

    1. Looks like a disc brake on the front (better for riding in the wet). It’s the rear brake I can’t see any sign of. Is there one? Pedal reverse braking as of old, perhaps?

      Is it just single-speed? Slopes are an issue if so.

      I like the double kickstand; should be more stable.

      The front basket should be much deeper (so shopping bags can stand upright by themselves) and set lower (important for stability if much weight is involved), and the platform rear supports should dogleg to the rear so as to minimize the possibility of saddle bag contact with the wheel.

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