I’m getting a new bike!

I am so close to ordering a new bike. I have been lusting after a new bike for ages and ages now and finally I’ve decided what I want and we’re about to place an order. The delay is because Ben is being very annoying and wants to make sure the bike will fit through our back gate. Whether or not we can get the bike into our backyard is just not important in my view.

Here’s the bike I’m getting:

I’ve chosen this one because it has a cup holder and the guy riding it in the video is cute.

Ok, I have some other reasons too. It’s 10kg lighter than my current bike which will make a huge difference. This will mean I don’t have to starve the kids for the next year to stop them getting too heavy for me to cycle around.

It’s a trike which will be better on ice and snow and also when I’m going really slowly which is often the case when cycling uphill. If you go too slowly on a bike you have to put your foot on the ground but on a trike you can go really slowly without having to do this. But the downside of a trike is they don’t do turns as well. On a bike you can lean into the turn but until now this has not been possible on a trike. The Butchers and Bicycles bike has tilting technology which lets it tilt in turns. And so I’m hoping it will handle much like a bike and be just as fun to ride.

The other great thing about this bike is that I have it on very good authority that I’ll be 100% badass on it. Maybe I’ll even do donuts in the snow. I bet you can all just see me doing donuts like in this video: