I’m so cool … not

We were cycling through the centre of Aberdeen earlier and I was feeling great: the weather is perfect, people were staring and smiling at us thanks to Harald (my bike) and I was thinking how cool I must look. Everything was perfect. Then I stopped at some lights to cross the road. When they turned green I had to take a sharp turn from an almost stationary position but bungled it somehow and fell off in front of a row of cars all waiting for me to cross. I just managed to stop Harald from falling over completely and made it across before it turned red again. Ben says he saw people in the cars pulling out their phones to take a photo of me but I think he just made that up.

Oh well. I guess it’s reassuring that I can still embarrass myself so consistently throughout life. I can always depend on this 🙂

Ben took a photo of us with his phone – his phone isn’t very good – but I like the photo because I’m blurry and you can’t see the wrinkles.


I also got some awesome stickers for my bike. I just wish they were more visible.


We’re such a stupid race when you think about it. We buy these huge chunks of metal that cost us money and make us fat and then use them on 5-minute trips to school and shops instead of walking which ends up making us sick and depressed as well as poor and fat. The internal combustion engine is the worst invention humans have ever invented. Oh wait, maybe it’s the second worst. This one is probably worse.

17 responses to “I’m so cool … not”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about looking silly. You’re way ahead of the curve and though people should already be congratulating your for your sensibility, they eventually will.

  2. I LOVE that sticker! I had to make an emergency journey into town earlier, so hooked my bike out of the shed and sped off down the road. While doing so, I looked at all the cars queuing in all directions, and wondered what goes through their heads…

  3. We all have those embarrassing moments! Even my cat hates to be caught looking silly and tries to cover up with a contrived nonchalance!

    All your exercise is keeping you looking young and terrific! The rest of the world needs to follow suit. 🙂

    • Exercise definitely has a big effect on me and I truly believe it’s something our bodies need everyday.

      I’ve seen cats try to cover up a fall or embarrassing accident like that and it’s so funny.

  4. I used to have a very cool little motorbike, a V-twin 250, that I used to dismount in a very cool way, kicking down the side-stand with my left foot and swingin my right leg over the back of the saddle in one easy movement so that my feet arrived on the pavement at about the same time that the bike settled gently on its stand. Or I did until the day I pulled up outside a snooker hall and, feeling swanky and cool, kicked down the stand, swung my leg over the back – and the bike just kept toppling. The stand had gone down a drain. The bike arrived on top of me at about the same time that my arse settled none-too-gently on the pavement.

    There’s no way you can recover your cool after something like that, though I think I tried by affecting a laugh and doing the studied nonchalance thing.

  5. I love your sticker. It’s so true.
    It must have been quite a feat to stop Harald from falling once he’d started to go.
    Once a cyclist fell on top of my car while I was stationary, which was a bit of a shock.

    • Well Harald is pretty light so it’s not so bad and I’m not sure whether he would actually completely topple over. It’s hard to know because although he has the extra stability of the three wheels but he tilts so I think with the weight of the kids inside he’d probably fall over but I’m not sure as I’ve never let that happen.

      How’d the cyclist fall on top of your car while stationary? Did they cycle into the back?

  6. Cool, you finally managed to get your hands on those cool stickers. What about t-shirt?

    I am glad you did not let Harald fall over completely. And hopefully kids are not there, are they?

  7. I was thinking of buying one of these myself. I saw in one of your older posts that it was lighter than the Backviets from Holland. I’ll be using it for the school/kindergarten run and we live in Bergen (norway) so I’m thinking of getting the MK-1E. Alternatively I’ll get the Bullitt from Harry vs Larry. I am concerned that the very long cargo bikes are odd handling wise and I’d love to get your opinion.

    • We also considered the Harry vs Larry and I would have chosen it over the Butchers & Bicycles except that it would have been too small for my kids. My kids are big now: 6 and 9. They’re also quite tall and I wanted something that would last until my 9-year-old is 11 or 12. He’s autistic and it’s also too dangerous for children to cycle in traffic here.

      The B&B is definitely noticeably lighter than the Bakfiets and so it has been a welcome change with the hills around here. However there aren’t any really steep hills and so if you have steep hills I’d go with the electric assist. The HvsLarry is also very light I think and so if your kids are small enough to fit inside then I’d go for that. I didn’t mind cycling a longer bike at all as the bakfiets was longer and I really loved it. You get used to it very quickly and then it feels normal. However I’m still a bit wobbly on the trike. Trikes are quite different again and require a bit of practise to get the hang of. I also find the trike quite unstable when the kids are inside and I’m not sitting on it. It has a tendency to tip forwards especially on hills.

      I also replied to your email the other day. If you didn’t get it check your spam folder.

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