I’m so cool … not

We were cycling through the centre of Aberdeen earlier and I was feeling great: the weather is perfect, people were staring and smiling at us thanks to Harald (my bike) and I was thinking how cool I must look. Everything was perfect. Then I stopped at some lights to cross the road. When they turned green I had to take a sharp turn from an almost stationary position but bungled it somehow and fell off in front of a row of cars all waiting for me to cross. I just managed to stop Harald from falling over completely and made it across before it turned red again. Ben says he saw people in the cars pulling out their phones to take a photo of me but I think he just made that up.

Oh well. I guess it’s reassuring that I can still embarrass myself so consistently throughout life. I can always depend on this 🙂

Ben took a photo of us with his phone – his phone isn’t very good – but I like the photo because I’m blurry and you can’t see the wrinkles.


I also got some awesome stickers for my bike. I just wish they were more visible.


We’re such a stupid race when you think about it. We buy these huge chunks of metal that cost us money and make us fat and then use them on 5-minute trips to school and shops instead of walking which ends up making us sick and depressed as well as poor and fat. The internal combustion engine is the worst invention humans have ever invented. Oh wait, maybe it’s the second worst. This one is probably worse.