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  • It’s 4C and I’m hot

    It’s 4C and I’m hot

    I love our Saturday bike rides to Highland Dance for Elizabeth followed by lunch at Newton Dee. My bike told me it was 4C: But I got hot from the exercise. I feel so happy after a bike ride. We’re so lucky to live somewhere we can cycle all year round. I love feeling the […]

  • In praise of my electric cargo trike

    In praise of my electric cargo trike

    Elizabeth has been off school sick this week and not wanting to make her walk to school each day when we go with Daniel, I’ve been taking them in Hoss instead. It has been over a year since I stopped cycling the kids to and from school in Busby – now we walk. It’s good […]

  • I think our transport planners are stuck in a 1970s time warp

    I think our transport planners are stuck in a 1970s time warp

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about this article – Is this the worst cycling event EVER? They’ve built a new ring road exclusively for motor vehicles around Aberdeen which is about to open but somehow they were allowed, in the 21st century, to build it without any provision for cyclists. Indeed cyclists […]

  • Inside Hoss

    Inside Hoss

    Ben fell off his bike a couple of weeks ago and broke his arm in two places. He’s recovering well and fortunately no cars were involved in the accident or it could have been much worse. He’s unable ride his bike until his arm is better and so when we all went for a cycle […]

  • Prioritising people over cars

    Prioritising people over cars

    Have you ever wondered why pedestrians have to push a button and then wait at intersections before crossing the road? Why isn’t it the other way around with cars having to push a button and then waiting before driving through the intersection? It was a question that popped into my head after reading a recent […]

  • Crying through My Fair Lady and Hoss

    Crying through My Fair Lady and Hoss

    I think I have a name for my new bike: Hoss. People under 40 probably won’t understand the reference. It’s even old for me except that I watched too much TV as a child. I blame my older sister: she was a TV addict and refused to play with me. We couldn’t have survived without […]

  • The Beast

    The Beast

    A few months ago I bought another bike but didn’t tell anyone because I’ve been too scared to ride it. However necessity prevailed today because we had to be on the other side of the city centre in a time too narrow for walking and so with trepidation I took the Beast out. The Beast […]

  • Pedal on Parliament 2018

    Pedal on Parliament 2018

    It’s just over two weeks until Pedal on Parliament in Aberdeen. If you want a more cycle-friendly Scotland then join us as we cycle, walk, scooter, and march to The Town House on Broad St. Starting from Rubislaw Terrace Gardens on Albyn Place at 11am or Hazelhead Park at 10:45am. Come in fancy dress, decorate […]

  • Shared spaces

    Shared spaces

    I want to write about shared spaces. These are road spaces that everyone shares – pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, buses, and taxis. Rather than segregating users into their own space, all signalling and road markings are removed and everyone is thrown in together. The theory is that if you remove all the road markings, traffic lights, […]

  • Bike path for Union Street

    Bike path for Union Street

    Which of the following two photos do you think looks better? Union Street without a bike path: Union Street with a bike path: The second photo is an artist’s impression produced by Cycling UK. It was a year ago last month that I discovered the city council had no plans for a bike path through […]

  • Is this our “Stop the Child Murder” campaign?

    Is this our “Stop the Child Murder” campaign?

    I organised my first ever protest yesterday and it went really well. The protest was to call on the Aberdeen City Council for a protected, segregated bike path on Union St. I don’t want to say it was a success just yet because there is still no commitment from the City Council for a protected bike […]

  • Make Union Street Great Again!

    Make Union Street Great Again!

    I made a few signs about the event coming up in Aberdeen on Saturday, 3rd February, asking for a bike path for Union St. I put one of the signs in Foodstory on the weekend and they took a photo of it and posted it to Facebook! Foodstory are the best. Please go there! I’m […]

  • Calling all Aberdonians!

    Calling all Aberdonians!

    Where: At the King Edward statue, corner of Union Street and Union Terrace. When: Saturday 3rd February from 11:30am – 12:30pm. Aberdeen City Council wants to pedestrianise the city centre but there are no plans for a protected bike path on Union Street. The best way to get more people on bikes is to give […]

  • I am not a cyclist

    I am not a cyclist

    This is a cyclist: This is me: A cyclist has special clothing for cycling, a helmet, an expensive bike, clip-on shoes, and they travel fast. I, on the other hand, cycle slowly, I don’t wear any special clothing, and I’m terrified of those clip-on shoes cyclists wear. I ride my bike in regular clothes. I […]

  • Living without a family car

    Living without a family car

    It has been three years since we dispensed with the family car and I don’t regret it, not even a little bit. Car ownership is governed by the same law that rules chocolate: when there’s chocolate in the fridge it will be eaten and when there’s a car in the garage it will be driven, […]

  • Born to ride a Pashley

    Born to ride a Pashley

    Penelope – that’s her name. My new Pashley is called Penelope. I think I emerged from the womb riding a Pashley because it feels so natural. When we’re cycling I’m not sure where the bike ends and my body begins. The men in the bike shop laughed at me when I said I got her […]

  • My mid-life crisis Pashley

    My mid-life crisis Pashley

    For more than half my life I have wanted a Pashley. When I lived in Cambridge as a 20-year-old I saw people cycling around on these magnificent-looking bicycles. I couldn’t afford one myself back then and later I became a parent and needed the station-wagon equivalent of bikes, a Bakfiets. I still love my Bakfiets […]

  • Why does the Aberdeen city council think it’s acceptable for children to cycle in the bus lane?

    This is the expectation on Union St because there is no cycle path. Children are wobbly on bicycles and do not always cycle in a straight line. Buses are huge compared to bicycles, especially children’s bicycles. Visibility is also poor for bus drivers. Children are slow cyclists and cannot keep up with traffic. Children on […]

  • Pedal on Parliament 2017 Aberdeen

    Pedal on Parliament 2017 Aberdeen

    We gathered on the Beach Esplanade at 11am this morning for the Aberdeen Pedal on Parliament ride. This is the third year running for Aberdeen and the sixth year for Pedal on Parliament in Scotland. We were an energetic, cheerful, and brave crowd hoping to convince the Aberdeen City Council to give some road space […]

  • Haddo House and Country Park

    Haddo House and Country Park

    Things didn’t go quite according to plan today. We booked the nearest car-club car this morning but it had a flat battery. We’ve been members of the car club for two years now and this is only the second time this has happened. Fortunately there was another car-club car nearby and so they switched our booking […]