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  • Antibes, France

    Antibes, France

    I’ve been quiet for a little while because the past week I’ve been in Antibes for a team meeting. Here’s my team (photo courtesy of CK): We are nine Happiness Engineers working from six different countries. I met three of my team members for the first time last week which was great. I love working […]

  • I’m on TV!

    This morning I was interviewed by John Parkinson from WordPress TV about what WordPress means to me. Is this my stepping stone to a part on Doctor Who? I probably should have brushed my hair a bit better first. John interviews people who attend WordCamps. He has other great interviews on the WordPress.tv site.

  • Madrid bike tour

    Madrid bike tour

    We went on a fantastic bike tour today of Casa de Campo Park which is the largest park in Madrid and absolutely enormous. We barely touched the surface of it. Bravo Bikes provided bikes and a very knowledgeable and friendly guide. I can’t fault them at all and it’s one of the best meetup activities I’ve […]

  • I’ve got rachel.blog!

    I’ve got rachel.blog!

    Last year my company bought the .blog top level domain. As a perk we got first dibs in the new domains and I am now the very proud owner of rachel.blog. What an amazing Christmas present! Thank you, Automattic. If you would like to get a .blog then head over to get.blog to register a domain. It would make […]

  • Mother India, Edinburgh

    I’ve lost my voice. I guess it’s a sign of a good party when you can’t talk for the next two days. At the Christmas dinner a couple of years ago I arrived at the B&B and accidentally went into someone else’s room and drank their sherry. Thankfully nothing like that happened this year except for […]

  • Automatticians in Edinburgh

    Automatticians in Edinburgh

    I have had a sensational afternoon, evening, and day in Edinburgh with an amazing group of coworkers. We started with ice-skating at the outdoor rink for the Christmas markets. It was packed! Way more packed than I was expecting but lots of fun nevertheless. Then we had dinner at Mother India and a small group of […]

  • On being a leader and Doctor Who

    Several months ago I became a team lead at work and  I’m now leading a team of five Happiness Engineers. Last week I started a pilot coaching program to become a more effective leader. It’s like having my own personal coach. In fact that’s exactly what it is. The whole program is giving me warm fuzzies. […]

  • Photos from WordCamp Europe 2016

    I work with so many wonderful photographers that I’ve stopped taking photos myself when I’m around them. There are always so many terrific photos that come out afterwards which other people have taken. Here are some of them. This one was taken by Elio. We look like gangsters, don’t you think? It looks like I’ve got […]

  • Vienna, WordCamp EU, and Gustav Klimt

    I have been remiss in not posting anything for days and days but I have been so busy. WordCamp EU 2016 is now over and all I can say is, WOW! It was so huge with over 2000 people turning up and more than a hundred volunteers. The best part for me was seeing old friends and making […]

  • Dublin meetup

    I’m in Dublin on a work trip and having a really great time. I’ve never been to Dublin before so it’s nice to have a look around. My coworkers are a fantastic bunch of people and incredibly hard workers so it’s looking like this will be a very productive trip. However it’s not all work. We had lunch at […]

  • Christmas dinner in York

    The UK-based Automatticians got together last night for an ugly jumper Christmas dinner in York. Last year we went to Keswick which was really nice. This year we went to one of my favourite cities, York. Dinner was at the Guy Fawkes Inn which is very old and characterful and supposedly the birth place of […]

  • Thoughts from a Grand Meetup

    I arrived back in Aberdeen this afternoon and must say it was nice flying in over the green patchwork landscape of Scotland and seeing the rugged cliffs along the coast. I think I even saw Dunnottar Castle. I felt like I was coming home. I was pretty shattered and promptly fell asleep for several hours. I had […]

  • Beards

    Last night I found myself seated at a table with five bearded men. There’s assigned seating each night in a different restaurant here so I sit with different people for each meal. It has been really fun and how lucky was I to be the only woman at a table with five bearded men. The topic of […]

  • Park City

    Park City

    I am in Utah for work and have been so busy I haven’t had the chance to write any posts or read any blogs. It’s a good busy though as I’m getting to meet so many of the talented people I work with. Even going to the toilet can be a challenge because I see […]

  • Spiders on a plane

    It’s less than two weeks until the GM!! What’s the GM? It’s the annual Grand Meetup for the company I work for. We’re a distributed workforce and so once a year the entire company gets together for a week-long bonding session. In less than two weeks I’ll be flying to Utah, USA. I hate flying. I’m […]

  • An Automattic family

    An Automattic family

    My work trip to Barcelona has come to an end and yes, there were some dramas and yes, Barcelona is a really cool city, but the best part of the trip was the people. And I’m not referring to the people of Barcelona – although they were, without exception, very friendly and welcoming – I’m […]

  • A day in the life of a Happiness Engineer

    What does a Happiness Engineer do all day? I started my day today at 6:30am because I’m a morning person and I’m still a bit jet-lagged. Sometimes I start at 6am, sometimes at 7am. The choice is mine. I began by catching up on emails and replying to WordPress.com users via email. Then I started live […]

  • WordPress.com versus WordPress.org

    Full disclosure first: I love WordPress.com and I want to acknowledge that I might be a bit biased for two reasons. Firstly, I blog at WordPress.com and secondly, I work for Automattic, the company behind it.  I work in support at Automattic and so I get to see first hand the sorts of things users are doing with […]

  • Auckland WordCamp and “The Smell”

    I went to my very first WordCamp yesterday at Auckland’s AUT and it was fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day: all the speakers were terrific, the people were incredibly friendly, and I learnt lots. It was a great turn-out with around 130 people all up. I think my talk went reasonably well. The only […]

  • My intro video

    Part of being a distributed workforce means that I don’t get to see my colleagues face-to-face very often if at all. Something they do at Automattic is to encourage all new employees to create a short intro video. Here’s mine: