Automatticians in Edinburgh

I have had a sensational afternoon, evening, and day in Edinburgh with an amazing group of coworkers. We started with ice-skating at the outdoor rink for the Christmas markets. It was packed! Way more packed than I was expecting but lots of fun nevertheless. Then we had dinner at Mother India and a small group of us walked up Arthur’s Seat today.






A view of the Christmas markets from a distance.



The start of our walk.


St Andrew’s Cross.


One of the “locals” (Sergio from Portugal!) showed us the sights.


Dan made it into my panorama shot and lost an arm in the process. Sorry, Dan!


The views are sensational and Edinburgh put on a perfect day for us. The lighting in winter is good for taking photographs because the sun never gets very high in the sky and creates lots of colours and shadows on the landscape. There was also very little wind which was fortunate since Sergio almost killed us all on the way down 🙂






The only bad thing is the mulled wine I drank at skating gave me a pounding headache. I should know better than to drink anything with wine in it. Next time I will stick with beer or water.

I love my job. I’m so lucky to work with all these fantastic people. They’re the main reason I work as hard as I do. Until next year …

5 responses to “Automatticians in Edinburgh”

  1. Awesome photos! I love Edinburgh – we visited Scotland a couple of years before we had the children, and have always said we would love to go back to Edinburgh to spend some proper time there. Also, every time you post about the Automattic gang, it plants another seed in the back of my brain about one day maybe switching jobs.

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