Vienna, WordCamp EU, and Gustav Klimt

I have been remiss in not posting anything for days and days but I have been so busy. WordCamp EU 2016 is now over and all I can say is, WOW! It was so huge with over 2000 people turning up and more than a hundred volunteers. The best part for me was seeing old friends and making new ones.

It has been torturously hot in Vienna every day until today with temperatures around 33°C. When we left Aberdeen it was about 12°C and so we really struggled with the heat. The thunderstorm finally arrived last night and with it, a cool change.

WordCamp was held in the very lovely Museum Quarter in central Vienna in this building:


Some talks were in the neighbouring Leopold Museum which was just lovely. Imagine sitting listening to all things WordPress with art in every direction. How inspiring!

I spent a fair bit of time at the Jetpack booth:


And then on the last night there was a ball with a photo booth.

All my life I have wanted to see Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, and today my wish came true. It’s bigger than I was expecting and the gold, so sparkly. We were not allowed to take photos of the real painting but they had a fake for selfies in a neighbouring room. Here we are with the fake:


Apparently Gustav Klimt had an insatiable appetite for sex and fathered three known illegitimate children. Perhaps because of this no-one is 100% sure who the woman in the painting is.

We’re staying at the very cool 25 Hours Hotel. I love this place! All the staff here seem to have tattoos and nose rings – I wonder whether it’s a requirement for the job? I knew it was the right place to stay when I saw the sign out front:


This is my kind of place.

Art is everywhere, even on the wall above our bed. To complement this theme our room came with juggling balls and a hula hoop.


The entrance to one of the hotel restaurants looks like this:


Here’s a lounge area in the lobby. You can’t really see it in the photo but the coffee table is a see-saw although you’re not supposed to sit on it.


There’s a kids’ museum here and just outside is a giant waterbed covered in astroturf. This is a photo of Daniel attacking me.


I’d love one of these for the school playground back in Aberdeen.


5 Replies to “Vienna, WordCamp EU, and Gustav Klimt”

  1. Isn’t that a brilliant idea, having the fake there? It’s really good to have the opportunity to see the size of it.
    I like the waterbed too, good space to let off steam.

    1. It’s a bit cheesy having your photo taken next to a famous fake but it was fun to do nevertheless and there was no shortage of people lining up for their own photo.

  2. Glad to see that you had fund at WCEU and in Vienna.

    How did you manage with kids while you were on WC duties? Was Ben with you too?

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