Auckland WordCamp and “The Smell”

I went to my very first WordCamp yesterday at Auckland’s AUT and it was fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day: all the speakers were terrific, the people were incredibly friendly, and I learnt lots. It was a great turn-out with around 130 people all up.

I think my talk went reasonably well. The only downside was that not long after I began, a mysterious hydrogen sulfide smell permeated the entire room. It was so bad that I stopped my talk at one point and we all considered evacuating. Then a manager informed us that the air-conditioning system was malfunctioning. So I continued and as soon as I finished my talk, the smell vanished. Now everyone will associate my talk with the shitty smell. Oh well.

A couple of people tweeted pics:

Someone took a pic during my talk:

And I also got this pic with Kevin Trye, one of the organisers of the event:


I’m sure this will be the first of many more WordCamps for me.