Antibes, France

I’ve been quiet for a little while because the past week I’ve been in Antibes for a team meeting. Here’s my team (photo courtesy of CK):


We are nine Happiness Engineers working from six different countries. I met three of my team members for the first time last week which was great. I love working from home but I miss not getting to see the people I work with more regularly.



It snowed in Antibes yesterday. I’ve never seen it snow in Antibes before.



It’s not all work.







5 Replies to “Antibes, France”

  1. How did you get to Antibes? Did you consider going by rail? I’m thinking Sleeper to London then Eurostar/TGV ought to work reasonably well.

    1. I flew but I did consider rail however it takes much longer and is more expensive. Maybe next time.

  2. I had to look up where Antibes was and I’m surprised they ever get snow. Looks like a good place to have a meeting.

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