Dublin meetup

I’m in Dublin on a work trip and having a really great time. I’ve never been to Dublin before so it’s nice to have a look around. My coworkers are a fantastic bunch of people and incredibly hard workers so it’s looking like this will be a very productive trip.

However it’s not all work. We had lunch at Rustic Stone today and I ate possibly the most delicious salad I have ever eaten in my entire life.


This morning I spotted this cargo bike waiting at the traffic lights. It’s a Gazelle and there were two little critters inside.


Dublin doesn’t have particularly good bicycle infrastructure. Indeed I haven’t see any other than some painted lines here and there. However there are still lots of cyclists and they have what seems to be a fairly popular bicycle rental scheme. Imagine how great cycling could be if they did have the proper infrastructure? And then imagine how much less traffic and pollution there’d be?

We also visited the amazing Queen of Tarts; a great place for coffee and cake: