An Automattic family

My work trip to Barcelona has come to an end and yes, there were some dramas and yes, Barcelona is a really cool city, but the best part of the trip was the people. And I’m not referring to the people of Barcelona – although they were, without exception, very friendly and welcoming – I’m referring to the people I work with. I have come away from the trip feeling inspired and motivated and also like part of a cool family: the family of Automatticians.

17 responses to “An Automattic family”

  1. A vegan automattician! Good for you. May I ask a WP Q? How do I search wordpress for subject? For example, I want to find wordpress blogs about fossil fuels, or wordpress blogs about animal rights. I don’t find a wordpress search. Can you point me toward wordpress subject search?
    Thanks! Helen

  2. Lovely writeup! It looks like you all had a good time from the photos. 🙂 Barcelona’s one of those places I’ve heard so many great things about. I’ll need to make it there one day!

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