Spiders on a plane

It’s less than two weeks until the GM!! What’s the GM? It’s the annual Grand Meetup for the company I work for. We’re a distributed workforce and so once a year the entire company gets together for a week-long bonding session. In less than two weeks I’ll be flying to Utah, USA.

I hate flying. I’m terrified of flying. But I’m looking forward to the GM; the non-flying part of it anyway. I feel like I’ve got to know so many coworkers via text only that I’m now looking forward to meeting them in person. There will also be 23 of us on the same flight from Europe so there should be someone I can dig my fingernails into should the plane go down, or worse, should a flesh-eating spider gorge itself on my leg.

This week has been a great week although it’s fair to say that my idea of a great week just now is no water leaking into the downstairs flat. There have been no water leaks so far this week and we’re already at Thursday. The ceiling downstairs has been repaired and all that’s left is the painting which is happening right now. There has also been a stream of young, handsome men in and out of my neighbour’s flat doing the repairs so it’s not all bad. And my sister has rebooked her flight and is coming this Saturday. She promises not to sleep through her alarm this time. Fingers crossed! Things are looking up.


7 responses to “Spiders on a plane”

  1. I’m not a big fan of flying. But I find over time, my fear has slowly decreased before each flight. I try to remember _why_ I’m flying. In regards to the GM, I think about how nice it will be to see my coworkers. And on the return trip, how nice it will be to see my family. I still get anxious, but it helps 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you in Utah, Rachel!

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