A day in the life of a Happiness Engineer

What does a Happiness Engineer do all day? I started my day today at 6:30am because I’m a morning person and I’m still a bit jet-lagged. Sometimes I start at 6am, sometimes at 7am. The choice is mine.

I began by catching up on emails and replying to WordPress.com users via email. Then I started live chat and spent a good while chatting with lots of delightful WordPress.com users. I help them with their blogs. There are lots of domain-related issues, configuring themes, billing and payment queries, technical problems, and more general advice about creating a blog or website.

Then I caught up on our internal blogs. We have lots of internal blogs; so many in fact, that I could spend all day reading these blogs and their comments and doing very little else. So I just follow the ones that concern/interest me. Some are very informative and educational. There are even video training sessions that can be watched if you missed the live action. There’s also back-scroll to catch up on in the IRC.

I also spent some time on the Blogging101 University blog. This is a course that WordPress.com users can enrol in to learn more about Blogging. I’ve been providing support for users taking this course.

Then I had to dash out to view a place to live. I’ve just moved to a new city and need to find a home. I misjudged how far away the place was and since I was on foot, I had to run to make it there in time. The running made me feel hot so I took off my coat, my jumper, my long-sleeved top, and ended up running in just my singlet. But then I got a bit lost and the rain came. Heavy rain. There I was, stood in the pouring rain, trying to read my iPhone map app, wearing only a singlet for a top, on a chilly autumn day in Aberdeen. Eventually I made it but the house turned out to be no good. Bummer.

Back home and back to work. I responded to some user queries in the mobile device queue. These are questions made by users directly from the WordPress app so it includes both WordPress.com and WordPress.org users. Then I opened my live chat again and chatted a bit more.

Aside from running in the rain, this is a fairly typical day. Occasionally I also get to train new Happiness Engineers, write support documentation, and at the moment I’m a buddy for a new employee which involves checking in with them on a regular basis and helping them to settle in.