Madrid bike tour

We went on a fantastic bike tour today of Casa de Campo Park which is the largest park in Madrid and absolutely enormous. We barely touched the surface of it. Bravo Bikes provided bikes and a very knowledgeable and friendly guide. I can’t fault them at all and it’s one of the best meetup activities I’ve had. Here are some pics.






Donncha took this next photo.


Some photos of our working space.




I’m having a very nice time here despite my reservations about coming to Madrid. It’s not as hot as I feared and I’ve been managing to find vegan food. I work with a lovely bunch of people and we have a fabulous mix of nationalities. We are Australian, Irish, Italian, Greek, American, Canadian, and French. The accommodation and work space is also very comfortable and I’ve had none of the dramas of my last work trip to Spain, thank goodness.

8 thoughts on “Madrid bike tour”

  1. That’s such an amazing setting, inside and out. I’ve heard that Madrid is a lovely city, just a pity about the heat and glad you are there during a reasonable season so you can get the most out of it.

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