My intro video

Part of being a distributed workforce means that I don’t get to see my colleagues face-to-face very often if at all. Something they do at Automattic is to encourage all new employees to create a short intro video. Here’s mine:

22 responses to “My intro video”

  1. Really impressed with the video. Nicely done… and a heartfelt message about how important it is to communicate with others and have somewhere to express our fears and joys.

  2. Bravo Rachel Squirrel! Loved this intro video, it’s great to ‘meet’ you like this after knowing you for a while now through blogging! You look and sound lovely, friendly and professional, and a wonderful testimony to how blogging helped you. I remember when we first talked about our earthquake experiences. Aren’t you so glad to be away from that? I wish I could give you a great big hug…so sending you virtual one instead 🙂

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