Mother India, Edinburgh

I’ve lost my voice. I guess it’s a sign of a good party when you can’t talk for the next two days. At the Christmas dinner a couple of years ago I arrived at the B&B and accidentally went into someone else’s room and drank their sherry. Thankfully nothing like that happened this year except for our near plummet off Arthur’s Seat thanks to a “short cut” on the way down and the Fawlty Towers experience at the restaurant.

Mother India serves delicious food and is great value. We spent £705 for 26 people which is about £27 each and included all the drinks, dessert, and a tip as well. They serve Indian food in a tapas style which means you order about 3 or 4 dishes between two and share. The only problem with this is how do you distribute 104 or so different dishes to 26 people? Now picture those 26 people all chatting merrily and not paying much attention to the waiters. There must be a mathematical solution to this problem but I have no idea what it is and one of the waiters eventually went for a Basil Fawlty tantrum approach whereby after several attempts at calling out “chana dahl, chana dahl, chana dahl” he shouted “PLEASE LISTEN WHEN WE CALL OUT YOUR FOOD!”. I’m not sure that this really worked either because people forget what they ordered. Our brains are like sieves.

There was also a problem with the lights on our tables. They kept tripping a fuse and at the same time sent out a heap of sparks plunging us into near darkness. It was like our own private fireworks. Towards the end of the evening one of the waiters accidentally smashed a huge pile of plates. On the plus side there were no signs of a Siberian Hamster 🙂

Would I go there again? Definitely!