Storm Alex, cycling, and cat-shaming

This weekend we're getting the tail end of storm Alex which has brought a deluge to France and Italy and caused severe flooding. Yesterday we had heavy rain non-stop all day here. Elizabeth had highland dance in the afternoon and so I cycled her there in my cargo bike, Hoss. One of the nice things… Continue reading Storm Alex, cycling, and cat-shaming

In our convertible on the hottest Easter ever

It was a hot weekend and since my bike, Hoss, is a convertible we went out on Saturday with the top down. Apparently it was the hottest Easter for our region since records began which is, sadly, a sign of things to come. It will continue getting hotter and hotter unless we get our emissions… Continue reading In our convertible on the hottest Easter ever

The Beast from the East

We haven't been as badly affected as other parts of the country by the extreme weather. We're close to the sea which always helps to moderate the temperature but we also haven't had the huge snow drifts they've had elsewhere. No one is panic buying food and it hasn't been particularly cold. That said, we've… Continue reading The Beast from the East

An almost frozen pond at Duthie Park

After a very mild Christmas the temperature has suddenly plunged. There were a few flakes of snow today and the pond at Duthie park is starting to freeze over. It's funny how enthralled the kids are by a bit of ice. It won't be cold enough to freeze the River Dee. I took this photo… Continue reading An almost frozen pond at Duthie Park

Snow in Aberdeen!

Yesterday there was lots of snow in Aberdeen and the Martin household was jumping with joy! It's very pretty when it snows. There was much excitement in the school playground with snowballs flying in all directions. Somehow I managed to avoid getting hit. Today was a different story. It rained on the snow yesterday afternoon… Continue reading Snow in Aberdeen!

Appreciating weather

I took this photo on my ride to Newton Dee today. I go to Newton Dee at least once a week, sometimes twice, if I'm lucky. The view is never the same. Sometimes it's rainy, sometimes sunny, sometimes dark and gloomy, sometimes sparkly white with snow, sometimes frosty, sometimes clear blue skies, sometimes a mix… Continue reading Appreciating weather

Clothes and sunny Britain

I have way too many clothes. But it's not because I'm materialistic and spend all my money on contributing to despicable sweatshops and environmental degradation. Most of my clothes are second-hand and they have either been given to me by people I know or I have bought them from charity shops. Sometimes I buy new things for… Continue reading Clothes and sunny Britain

Enchantment on a bicycle

It's getting close to the shortest day of the year now and according to BBC weather, sunrise is at 8:36am and sunset at 3:26pm in Aberdeen. However it's light at both of these times, I guess because we get the sunlight before the sun appears on the horizon and also after it disappears. The temperature range… Continue reading Enchantment on a bicycle

Fluffy has escaped!

Fluffy escaped. There were tears. There was much searching, but we can't find him. I did manage to get this photo of Elizabeth letting him out of his home for a walk before he disappeared though : I've just come back from a run and it was fabulous. My bike has a flat tyre. I really must learn… Continue reading Fluffy has escaped!

The difference between weather and climate

This is a great two-minute video in which Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the difference between weather and climate (h/t HotTopic). It's a preview from National Geographic Channel's Cosmos series. The difference between weather and climate is important to understand because people have a tendency to see variations in the weather as a reason to dismiss climate change. For instance,… Continue reading The difference between weather and climate

Climate change and weather-related disasters

Climate scientists have suggested that we will see more extreme weather as a result of climate change. Are there more weather-related disasters than there used to be? I have been wondering this recently but haven't had the chance to verify it. The insurance industry ought to know the answer to this. So rather than trawl… Continue reading Climate change and weather-related disasters