Appreciating weather

I took this photo on my ride to Newton Dee today. I go to Newton Dee at least once a week, sometimes twice, if I’m lucky. The view is never the same. Sometimes it’s rainy, sometimes sunny, sometimes dark and gloomy, sometimes sparkly white with snow, sometimes frosty, sometimes clear blue skies, sometimes a mix of blue and grey, sometimes red and orange, sometimes there’s mist in the distant hills which is what I saw today. This is what I love about living in a temperate climate: the variability. People claim to love sunny, clear blue skies but when everyday is a sunny clear blue day it loses its appeal. I know because that’s what I had growing up in Brisbane with its merciless blue sky.



4 responses to “Appreciating weather”

  1. Love it! You & I are on the same page when it comes to the sun. Too much is not only boring, but difficult to manage with easy-to-burn skin; trying to find activities that do not expose oneself to the harsh Southern Hemisphere UV is near impossible! We would pick a northern winter over a southern summer every year, if we could afford it!
    I was thinking this afternoon about a conversation we had years ago regarding the ability we seemed to have to cope with winters much better than others & our pondering whether or not our pale skin was an asset in this respect (from memory, our hypothesis was that we required fewer sunshine hours because our ability to absorb vitamin D would be fairly efficient due to the lack of melatonin in our skin – how clever we are!!).
    The more I see of your life in Aberdeen, the more appealing it becomes. I may have to send a family member over for reconnaissance. 😉

    1. Yes, I completely agree. I would rather a northern hemisphere winter to a southern hemisphere summer. At least here I can still enjoy the outdoors. In the southern hemisphere I’d have to stay out of the sun from 10 – 2 and even then slop massive amounts of sunscreen on and put up with unbearable heat and humidity. I don’t understand how anyone can like that. I’m sure I’ll have skin cancer one day from all the time I got sunburnt at the beach in Queensland when I was a kid. I hardly ever use sunscreen here and I don’t even need sunglasses very often which is nice. The lighting is more gentle on the eyes and the skin.

      Aberdeen is a great place to live. It’s a perfect size for me and we can walk into town and the train station from our house. Today I was walking into town and ran into someone I knew and that’s so nice, I think. I’m not a fan of big cities that take a long time to get from one side to the other. I appreciate the cleaner air and the sea and the mountains all of which are nearby. I think Edinburgh would be a nice place to live too but it’s definitely bigger and busier. I like how the train station and airports in Aberdeen are always nice and quiet and there are never big crowds of people here. At the same time it’s big enough to have everything you need – hospitals, universities, libraries, swimming pools, shops etc. So yes, I definitely recommend it if you like cold climates!

  2. This winter has seen some wonderful riding here in the south of Scotland, great sunsets (often my favourite time), wonderful skies and a huge variety of conditions. Only drawback has been the amount of punctures for myself & companions on dodgy roads – hedge cuttings and stones. And as I’ve blogged living in a large village is perfect for me. Otherwise, with you all the way!

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