Fluffy has escaped!

Fluffy escaped. There were tears. There was much searching, but we can’t find him. I did manage to get this photo of Elizabeth letting him out of his home for a walk before he disappeared though :


I’ve just come back from a run and it was fabulous. My bike has a flat tyre. I really must learn how to fix a puncture myself. I could probably do it on the front tyre but this one’s on the back and so the chain has to come off too. I’ve gone running a couple of times recently and it seems easier than it was over summer. It must be the cooler weather.

Apparently a temperature record was broken in Dunedin yesterday. It got to 21.7C! This is amazing given that Dunedin is right at the Southern end of New Zealand and summer temperature maximums there average about 18C AND it’s mid-winter. I looked up the current temperature in Aberdeen, our home-to-be, and it’s currently 11C 🙂

I’ve started flossing both Elizabeth’s and Daniel’s teeth now. Just once a day. They brush their teeth twice a day of course but we’ve always done that. Elizabeth also has an electric toothbrush now and this has a bit of a novelty factor at the moment so it’s getting lots of use. There’s no orange juice in the house anymore and I really should never have started buying the stuff. I’m still debating whether to continue letting them have ice-blocks for dessert. If I wasn’t so busy I’d make my own ice-cream like I used to. A couple of biscuits for morning tea is fine though I think. Elizabeth seems to understand as she’s been very cooperative and neither of them mind the sudden loss of orange juice and sweets.

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