A whinge

I’ve just come back from picking Elizabeth up from nursery on my bicycle and now I want to have a whinge about the rain and wind. So here goes: I’m wet, exhausted (anyone who has cycled in the wind will understand why but add a factor of ten to this given that I’m cycling a bakfiets with a big plastic rain tent on the top), I was nearly blown off the bridge, almost took out a pedestrian and fell off my bicycle at one point in the clumsiest way imaginable whereby my skirt blew up and I flashed my arse to anyone who happened to be behind me which was fortunately no-one since I’m the only crazy soul who would try to ride a bicycle in this weather. There. Now I feel better.

But I still love my bike. πŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “A whinge”

  1. “fell off my bicycle at one point in the clumsiest way imaginable”

    If it’s any comfort, there isn’t any other way to fall of a bike. Now you have this experiece of our weather and had a whinge about, both qualify you as an honorary Brit.

    It doesn’t reuire very much of you, just an occasional renewal of weather experience with suitable comment. Welcome to the madhouse. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry for the inappropriate comment, but I love this weather.

    The wind makes you feel alive and I really miss it since moving to Bonn, which is hidden in the Rhine Valley.

    But then, I walk more than I bakfiets.

    1. I can understand that. I would phrase it a little differently for me though. I’d say I love weather. I love that some days are sunny, some are calm, some are windy, some are rainy, some are cold, some are warm, some are snowy….and so on. It’s nice to have variability πŸ™‚

  3. Dare I say it but you’re turning into a ‘whingeing Pom’! πŸ™‚ I suspect you went out in conditions that call for sleds and huskies. Sorry you flashed your arse for nothing.

    1. It’s not quite the weather for sleds and huskies although I wouldn’t object if conditions changed to that. Today is calm and sunny.

      I am feeling a bit sore today after my tumble yesterday.

  4. Oh no! I hope you are ok Rachel! You are one determined lady to go out on a bike in this crazy stormy weather (although it seems a bit better today, hope for you too!)

  5. Seems you are still licking your wounds from the unfortunate fall as you haven’t posted since then.

    Pick yourself up
    Take a deep breath
    Dust yourself off
    And start all over again


    1. No, I’m absolutely fine! I just go through periods when I don’t have much to say so you should enjoy it while it lasts. I can feel a post coming on.

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