Fed up with hot and dry

I miss winter. I truly do. Yes, I like watching the garden come to life in spring and the buds blossom but I love the muted lighting of winter more and feeling the cold air on my cheeks. It has been hot and dry here. It has been the driest first half of summer for the UK … EVER.

I have never seen brown grass in Duthie Park, not in the whole time we’ve lived here. I took this photo of Duthie Park the week before last.


My water butt at the allotment has been empty since March. Fortunately we had a bit of rain last week and things are starting to green up again.

It has been hot. I usually joke that Aberdeen never gets hot but we’ve had more days over 20C in the last month than I can count. Typically it’s just one or two days all summer with most days around 18C. Thankfully the next few days are forecast to be cooler here and I’m happy about that. I don’t like the heat and while I wouldn’t be much bothered if I thought it was just an anomaly I know it’s climate change and this is a sign of things to come.

I saw this Tweet that’s gone viral which I think is very apt (except that they forgot to include New Zealand).

If given the choice, I’d rather die in a freezer than an oven. We need someone clever to solve our problem otherwise we’ll all need to give up our cars, our meat and dairy, our flights, and our home heating and electricity. While I don’t care much for cars and livestock farming, I do like to use my computer and turn on the lights at night.



7 thoughts on “Fed up with hot and dry”

  1. It’s over 30 degrees in the South 😦 I have given up watering my garden, it is beyond repair now 😦 Also I find the weather very bad for exercise, especially running – being so hot irritates my skin. Even worse are the implications of what this hot weather is telling us about what we are doing to the planet.

    1. Yes, I agree with everything you say. It’s so much harder to exercise in the heat. And I especially fear the mounting problem we’re creating for our children.

  2. Greetings from central Europa with a predicted 34°C tomorrow and we’re in the middle of a cycle tour ;-D The only thing that saves us is the headwind… Don’t want to stay insider either… I am kind of used to it, but I can imagine people asking increasingly for air con even if we need it for only a few days per year.

    1. I truly sympathise. That sounds awful. Equally awful is the thought that one day everyone in Europe will have air-conditioning. It’s non-existent in the UK and I was hoping it would stay that way but unless we solve our climate change problem it seems unlikely. How far are you cycling?

  3. If you click through all the way you’ll see NZ.

    You probably won’t be wanting for electricity what with all those wind farms.

    (from smoky California)

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