The Beast from the East

We haven’t been as badly affected as other parts of the country by the extreme weather. We’re close to the sea which always helps to moderate the temperature but we also haven’t had the huge snow drifts they’ve had elsewhere. No one is panic buying food and it hasn’t been particularly cold. That said, we’ve had more snow than I’ve ever seen since we moved here. There was some overnight and it’s snowing on and off now but the outside temperature is 1°C and we’re heading for a top of 2°C today 🙂

Some marijuana growers in Keighley, Yorkshire, were busted this week because police noticed their roof had no snow on it. For Aberdeen police, here’s our roof this morning:


I think all this snow is wonderful. The novelty has not worn off for me and probably never will. I always longed for snow growing up in Brisbane but pigs will fly before snow comes to Brisbane. The kids love snow too. Here’s Henry, the snowman they made after school one day:


I went for a walk in Duthie Park this morning. Here are our back steps.


The Deeside cycleway:


Duthie Park:


Dogs having fun in the snow:


The pond is freezing over but not nearly enough for ice-skating.


My feet are toasty warm in these faux shearling boots from Vegetarian Shoes. These are by far my favourite shoes and I have been living in them this winter. My coat is super thick and like a doona. Indeed it gets too hot at temperatures above 5°C and so I have to switch to something lighter then.


This morning I built my own snowman:


His name is Frederick.


Frederick fell in love with Harry and together they adopted Henry.


Ben’s obligatory, “I hate snow” photo:


There’ll definitely be some tobogganing happening this weekend.

5 thoughts on “The Beast from the East”

  1. Rachel,
    There has been no snow in Brisbane in modern times but there have been light ( very light) snowfalls on 21 September 1958,27 June 1927 and 27July 1882!
    But you would not pull out your skis in anticipation of the next occurrence!

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