British weather rocks!

English weather gets a bad rap. I just love it and will try my best to explain why.

It’s never hot and humid, the lighting is softly dimmed and when it rains, it’s more of a drizzle than a downpour.

Hot and humid makes physical activity unpleasant. Animals in hot climates tend to sleep in the heat of the day and have their more active times in the morning and afternoon. This is because we produce heat when we’re physically active and hot and humid conditions make it harder to expel that heat.

We also sweat more when it’s hot and humid. In Britain, you can wear the same shirt two days in a row and it still doesn’t stink. In hot and humid climates it’s not uncommon to change shirts multiple times per day.

The sun is softer in Britain. I don’t need to wear sunglasses as often, I rarely need sunscreen and I’ve never got sunburnt here. Someone turned the lights up too high in New Zealand. It’s a dreadful waste of energy and they really should be dimmed. My non-voluntary New Zealand hobby is squinting.

I absolutely adore Britain’s grey days. I can open my eyes wide again and see so clearly. It doesn’t hurt to observe the landscape. The colours are softer and more beautiful on grey days and the photographs are better and more interesting.

I rarely see torrential rain here and it’s never like the downpours so frequently observed in Auckland. The clouds in Auckland really chuck it down. It’s like a wall of water falling from the sky. The drizzle of Britain is far more pleasant. You can still go about your regular outdoor activities – like cycling – without having to change clothes afterwards .

I know what you’re thinking: its been a good summer, it’s still spring, wait until winter…but I know what British winters are like and I say, bring it on!