Winter wonderland

We’ve been so lucky with the snow so far this winter. It’s another winter wonderland outside this morning. Elizabeth told me that when she sees all the snow outside it makes her feel good. I know exactly what she means because I feel happy when I see it too.

Here’s the bike path today:




There are lots of creatures, young and old, some with four legs and some with two out enjoying the white carpet.




8 thoughts on “Winter wonderland”

  1. We had about 10 minutes of heavy snow yesterday morning – probably the first snow-fall in about 4 years down here. When the kids were little they got used to it snowing every year – because it did for about four years – and we told them repeatedly that it hadn’t snowed for perhaps 10 years before that 🙂

    1. Do your kids like the snow? The locals tell me they haven’t had heavy snow here since 2010 and it was a white Christmas then. I’m hoping we’ll have another white Christmas this year.

  2. I took the train from Birmingham yesterday and got several hours of watching the snow fall and seeing beautiful wintery landscapes out the window. It isn’t snowy here in North Wales but it made me so happy to see the snow yesterday! ❄️ (I’ll admit I don’t mind living in an area with little snow when I get to enjoy it now and then in other places.)

    1. How lovely! I love train travel anyway but it’s even better when there’s a snowy landscape to admire. I’d be happy if it snowed more here but it’s usually just once or twice a year and often not until January so we’ve been lucky this year.

  3. These photos make me miss snow, especially since I live in California where it seems like we’re going to completely go up in flames. (I hasten to add we’re nowhere near the fires in Southern CA.) When I lived in Minnesota, it seemed like a new snow brought on a peaceful, quiet vibe to the world, especially during the holidays. I don’t miss trying to drive to work in it, or shoveling the sidewalk and driveway, but snow is a good reminder to slow down and enjoy the winter months.

    1. I grew up in Brisbane, where it never snows, so it’s still a novelty for me and probably always will be. Snow is quiet. Rain and sleet are noisy but snow is silent.

      I’m glad to hear you’re safe from the fires. It looks bad and seems strange that they’re happening in winter.

      1. It is very unusual, seeing big wildfires in December. Our November was one of the driest on record: I hope we’re not entering another period of drought.

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