In our convertible on the hottest Easter ever

It was a hot weekend and since my bike, Hoss, is a convertible we went out on Saturday with the top down.



Apparently it was the hottest Easter for our region since records began which is, sadly, a sign of things to come. It will continue getting hotter and hotter unless we get our emissions to zero and even then it will continue to warm for a decade after that because of the inertia in the climate system. But there’s no mention of this in any news article. People here love the heat because it’s still a novelty to them. It worries me greatly not just because I don’t like the heat but also because I love my children and feel partly responsible for the ever-growing problem we will be handing over to them, as yet unsolved. They will pay the price of our greed and inaction.

On Sunday I had some errands to run on my own and I went out again on my cargo bike, Hoss, even though I didn’t really need the cargo space. I feel safer on the roads with Hoss because he’s so big and, I think, more visible to motorists than a regular bike. The electric assist also gives me confidence when I have to cycle in traffic uphill. It’s also handy to have somewhere to put coats and bags and things and even better is when I stop and get off, I don’t have to lean Hoss against anything to stop him falling over. The three wheels give him extra stability.

2 thoughts on “In our convertible on the hottest Easter ever”

  1. We try to make the most of the warm weather by going somewhere nice! This weekend it was a cafe in Rosedale, near Rosedale Abbey. I’m quite jealous of you and Hoss!

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