Snow in Aberdeen!

Yesterday there was lots of snow in Aberdeen and the Martin household was jumping with joy! It’s very pretty when it snows.





There was much excitement in the school playground with snowballs flying in all directions. Somehow I managed to avoid getting hit.

Today was a different story. It rained on the snow yesterday afternoon and most of it melted. Overnight it froze again and now there’s treacherous ice everywhere. The footpaths were particularly bad and parents, myself included, took to walking to school on the road which probably wasn’t very safe either. They salted the road but forgot about the footpath!


The school playground is now an ice-skating rink:



3 thoughts on “Snow in Aberdeen!”

  1. Same thing happened here. First serious snow, then gone the next day. It featured on my YouTube channel (I’ve mainly moved to vlogging now) which is reflected as an iFrame in my WordPress Blog.

  2. We are going to Scotland for our first time this Christmas! I’m so excited. One of our sons and his wife moved to Edinburgh to attend University so we are cashing in on our child bearing. LOL. Beautiful (but I do hate ice)

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