Clothes and sunny Britain

I have way too many clothes. But it’s not because I’m materialistic and spend all my money on contributing to despicable sweatshops and environmental degradation. Most of my clothes are second-hand and they have either been given to me by people I know or I have bought them from charity shops. Sometimes I buy new things for myself but not very often. I also find it very hard to part with clothes and I’ve got things from decades ago which I sometimes still wear.

This will sound incredibly silly but choosing an outfit each day and wearing beautiful clothing is a way to express myself. I love being able to select from colours, shapes, patterns, and styles to suit my mood. It also takes a bit of creativity to design clothing and fabric and so in some ways I feel as though I’m wearing art.

Today I was going through a large bag of clothes I hadn’t seen in a while and came across a dress-up from my childhood. It’s a dress-up of Little Bo Peep and must be more than 30 years old now. It fits Elizabeth and here she is wearing it. It used to have a large hat to go with it but I’m not sure what happened to that.


I also came across this pregnancy bra of mine. It’s almost a parachute! I think I can safely chuck that one out now.


I took this photo of Marischal College yesterday and look how blue the sky is:


It’s just as sunny today as well. Why is it so sunny? I moved here for the lovely overcast, drizzly weather Britain is famous for but so far I have been disappointed. Can I get sunburnt here? Normally I would wear sunscreen every day in Australia and New Zealand as you can get sunburnt in less than 10 minutes. Here I haven’t been wearing sunscreen at all but I think I should probably start doing so. Do any locals have some advice?