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  • A few photos

    Some pics: Dressups Pee-Nang on Mount Victoria Ben and Daniel on Mount Eden

  • Elizabeth

    Gosh I’ve been so slack with my blog recently! I’m so sorry. Things are just all go here. Today I caught Elizabeth using a bic glue stick like it was a roll-on deodorant and applying it to her armpits. Elizabeth has a new favourite book – a pink, tizzy thing: We bought Elizabeth some underpants […]

  • Zeki’s grave and photos

    We buried Zeki in our back yard and planted a fern on the grave. Daniel helped us and was very interested in the process.   He does not seem bothered by the fact Zeki is gone and never coming back. Zeki’s grave I thought I’d take the opportunity to post some photos of our garden […]

  • Dressups

    Elizabeth loves dressing up.

  • Hair cut just outside the red zone

    We ventured into South City yesterday so that I could have a hair cut. South City is in the CBD just outside the cordoned off area, otherwise known as the red zone. I’ve never seen this part of town so quiet. My hair-dresser has been busy she says but one thing is new: most of […]