We have come to Bristol for the weekend to see some friends.

Bristol is a very cool city. Where Edinburgh is perhaps a little too perfect, Bristol is a little rough around the edges in an endearing sort of way. A bit like Glasgow.


There’s some good cycling infrastructure here too.


Bristol is famous for its graffiti. The famous street artist, Banksy, was born here and you can take a self-guided tour to see some of his work. He’s a year older than I am and to save you the trouble of looking it up I’m 38. He is currently residing in New York and appears to be having lots of fun there. His art does not only include graffiti but also things like this truck he recently sent touring through the meat-packing district of New York.

I only saw a couple of his pieces here in Bristol because we are short on time and had a very important four-year-old birthday party to attend.

Here’s one on the side of a nightclub boat, the Thekla.


A close-up.


This one of the secret lover hanging naked from the window ledge is one of his most famous and my favourite.


The blue spots of paint on it are not supposed to be there. It has been vandalised. This happens fairly often to Banksy’s works and every now and then they cleaned up and restored. Sometimes they get encased in perspex to protect them.

The following pics are from other graffiti artists in the city. I thought Newtown Graffiti might be interested to see them.