Where am I?

I am here.





Why is there a shower on the beach? Is this not the strangest sight ever? It’s not the presence of a shower that I find odd – I like to be able to rinse the sand off as much as the next person – it’s the placement of the shower. After you’ve rinsed off all the sand, you still have to walk across the sand to leave the beach which will make you all sandy again. What were they thinking?

Where is this beach? Here’s a clue.


Not many people have a sister living in the South of France. But I do.



  1. Love the photos. Is it Plage de la Salis, Antibes, par hasard? I recognize that shower, and the background view. The St Jude storm should be over by the time you want to go home or if not, you’ll just have to stay longer. Great timing, Rach! Wish we were there too.

      1. Thanks, I knew it was somewhere in JLP but it all comes under the Antibes post code. Should have looked up Aux Enfants Terribles.
        The water looks cold although Daniel doesn’t seem to notice it, skipping about in a light tee shirt. Empty beach save for two Kiwi kids!

      2. It was actually unseasonably warm with an air temperature of around 20C. The beach was also quite full with lots of people in shorts and tshirts but we were there quite late – 5ish – and we also chose a quieter spot.

  2. Yes, you’re right. I was thinking of the beaches on the Antibes side of The Cap. There is a super (littoral) walk that starts at Plage de la Garoupe and heads around, along paths and over rocks, towards the Cap. I think your children would also enjoy it. If you go to the main bus depot in Antibes get the Eden Roc bus which goes past this beach or stay on for the ride. It only costs one euro. Or, try a longer trip, say to Valbonne, still only one euro. The bus goes though Biot then on up to Valbonne. It’s an easy town to explore with children and is a good place for lunch. Of course, you can go further in the train but it is much dearer, often en grรจve, and the bus network, http://www.envibus.fr, is so good. The 100/200 Nice/Cannes bus used to be one euro also – easy to dash down to Cannes which is ten minutes away. It doesn’t stop at the Antibes bus depot, just along the main roads on its route. Are you staying long in France?

  3. Watch out for low hanging signs over the footpath designed to take out tall people. There is one called ‘rappel’ which I hit at full speed (6km per hour). I think it means ‘slow down’.

  4. I love the last photograph of the three of you on the footpath. Rachel looks completely awake and excited, Josey looks a tiny bit tired (perhaps a late night), and the guy on the left is out cold!

  5. SO lovely to see you together! Wish I was there. Great photos ๐Ÿ˜›

    haha, I used to think the same thing about the beach showers. No sense whatsoever!

    1. I wonder whether there is a reasonable explanation for the placement of the showers or whether it was just a case of not enough space for them anywhere else.

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