A beautiful frosty morning

I have been longing for some snow but there has been none. We haven’t even had a proper frost, that is, not until this morning and the first real frost did not disappoint me. I used to love frosty mornings when we lived in Christchurch with the sound and the sensation of crunchy grass beneath your feet and the icing sugar coating on pavements and rooftops. York’s frost was spectacular though, I have to say. I’ve captured it on camera to share.








These are the sights I’ve been lucky enough to behold everyday for the past 6 months. I’m not sure whether you’ve noticed but the best thing about them is that there’s not a single car in sight. Just people.

15 Replies to “A beautiful frosty morning”

    1. It is a very beautiful place. I’m pleased with how well my photos turned out. Usually they don’t look nearly as good as the real thing but these ones are getting close.

  1. Wow! It looks beautiful.
    I was hoping for some snow as well but it’s gotten too warm for that now. At least I got a bit in Switzerland (though, I did have to go to the top of a mountain for it).

    1. You may still get a cold snap before winter finishes. I predict the snow will come just after we leave. 🙂

      1. The irony – just after I commented I opened up my blinds, and what should I see but a beautiful frost-covered landscape? 😀

  2. Yes, lovely photos. I can see why you will be so sorry to leave.

  3. Simply gorgeous photos. The first one with the reflection…….I feel I am really there. 🙂
    Is that a bicycle sign in the 6th picture? Was it put there on purpose? lol
    I most definitely noticed the lack of cars. Didn’t see many people either.

  4. I love the photographs and love the frost too. It is always accompanied by a sense of stillness. A moment in time that can be captured. You got that in your photos. Good job. 🙂

  5. The current drier spell with frosts to begin the day certainly help lift the spirits, given the constant rain (sometimes biblical) and wind of recent weeks. It vaguely represents something akin to Winter for once. Possibly some snow coming up in a few days’ time and maybe into February, we will have to wait and see on that one.

    Best Wishes


  6. Beautiful photos of frosty England Rachel, I’m glad that you got to have this even if no snow 😦 Next best thing I suppose…hope the packing is going ok…

  7. I like the photos, they are awesome and give a great impression of that frosty morning. Mostly the frosty fields are just beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Jodee. It was really beautiful. That part of York is beautiful anyway but it was particularly so on the frosty morning.

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