Diamond Head and more

I’m day four in Hawaii and I’m having a really nice time. There have been no earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or tsunamis so far and Ben and the children seem to be managing well without me. A bit too well in fact 🙂

Yesterday we hired cars and drove around part of the island. There was lots of traffic! Heaps of traffic. Even Auckland would have found it hard to compete. But the scenery was lovely and there was swimming in the sea which was nice. Not at this beach though:





Then we stopped at a place called Matsumoto Shave Ice which I am told is an iconic tourist attraction. They serve shaved ice with syrup which is not something I would normally consume but there were crowds outside this place waiting in the heat and sun to order one of these things, so I had to see what all the fuss was about. I took a photo of the queue outside:


And here’s mine which was supposedly mango and lychee but for some reason the lychee was bright red:


It was just as disgusting as I thought it would be: ice coated with a sugary and synthetic-tasting syrup which I couldn’t finish and that gave me a headache.

This morning two of us walked up Diamond Head, a volcanic tuff cone that erupted about 200,000 years ago. There are lots of volcanoes in Auckland but none as big as this one. The crater is huge and the views from the top were spectacular.

We went early to escape the heat and crowds but there was still both of these even at 8am. However I think this is a must-do activity if you come to Honolulu. Here are my pics:





12 thoughts on “Diamond Head and more

  1. Great to see the pics of Diamond Head. Did you get to Hanauma Bay as well? Also, have you noticed that most of the hills are covered with Leucaena?

    1. We didn’t go to Hanauma Bay unfortunately but I really wish we had. It looks amazing! We only had the car for one day. I must admit I haven’t noticed any leucaena at all 🙂 I’ll keep an eye out for it from now on.

    1. I didn’t know about that but I just looked it up and it was a magnitude 3.0. That’s nothing and anywhere that reports a magnitude 3.0 in the news must be a place for me. New Zealand gets hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of earthquakes of this size per year but they’re too small to be considered newsworthy. That Scotland felt theirs was newsworthy suggests to me that they don’t get many earthquakes.

    1. It was a very relaxing time, thanks, Susie. It was nice to get away and take a break from it all. There was some work but it was different work to what I’m doing at home so that was an interesting change. But much of the trip was also about meeting the people I work with which was great.

  2. You are a brave lady tackling that pink and yellow football.

    It’s nice seeing all these pics especially after you mentioned it being so built up in Hawaii.

    1. I really shouldn’t have eaten any of it as it was not very nice and gave me a headache. I’ve heard that the other Hawaiian islands are much less built up than this one and also quite a bit less touristy.

  3. We used to get shaved icees in California, I tried one once and it gave me such a bad headache that I never had another one again! Sounds like everything is going really well, loved the pics and glad all is well back home 😎

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