A day out in Nottingham

We had a superb day yesterday. Our hosts took us to see some of the sights in Nottingham the first of which was Wollaton Hall – an Elizabethan mansion completed in 1588 and since 1926, home to the city’s natural history museum. Natural history museums are always interesting places to visit, especially for children, but this one is quite unique in that it’s in a magnificent stately home, with a backdrop of parklands, lake and gardens and it also has the claim to fame of being a set location for Batman 3.



We were also taken to the gorgeous location in the next photo. Can you guess what/where it is?

It’s the University of Nottingham. How lucky are the people who work there?

We stopped for a quick drink at the oldest pub in all of England. It was built in 1189.


The pub is built into the side of the cliff so the walls inside are the sandstone cliff itself.

And lastly, we couldn’t visit Nottingham without paying Robin Hood a visit. I have had my photo taken by this statue before, some 15 or so years ago. It was nice to go back.


Back to York today. Goodbye, Nottingham!


  1. I thought it was always cloudy, drizzly and rainy over there. 😦 You picked a beautiful blue sky day for the outing.
    I am wondering what the little Miss in the last picture is looking at? You missed it!

  2. These are some good pictures. A good flavour of the place. You do seem to look for trouble though. First a damaged knee and now your youngest is saying “Look my mums got an arrow through her head”. Still, as long as you enjoyed it. 🙂

  3. I went to visit my sister, who lives in Nottingham, and was lucky enough to go on a gorgeous day like you did, and see the University looking bright white and fresh. I haven’t seen any of the other attractions though, they really are beautiful.

      1. Bits of Nottingham are OK but parts of it are a bit rough! The surrounding countryside is nice. My sister says clothes shopping in small sizes is hard. People there tend to be a bit bigger and shops don’t stock the smaller sizes.

        I also have friends who live in Derbyshire and she works at the Uni. They are countryside people though and wouldn’t suit the town itself.

  4. I don’t really know Nottingham very well and often have DH lawrence grim mining country in mind when I think of the county as a whole but it looks lovely in those pictures. You’d definitely check the sell by date on the crisps in a pub that’s 800 years old though..

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