Auckland’s Sky Tower

I thought I should give Dad a break from doing chores around our house so today we took him to the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower, a 328m structure in central Auckland. It took two years and nine months to build and cost NZ$85 million. There are some impressive views from the top, a couple of restaurants, a cafe, a sweet shop, some pieces of glass flooring, a platform to bungy jump from (we decided not to do this) and today there was an odd character in a Sky Tower costume.

Here’s a photo which is almost perfect except that Elizabeth is touching her bottom. I keep telling her that it’s rude to do this in public but she doesn’t listen to me.

From left to right: Dad, Me, Daniel, Sky Tower person, Elizabeth
The hill at 11 o’clock is Mt Eden, a volcanic cone.
The Sky Tower
Auckland Harbour Bridge and Waitemata Harbour


Elizabeth, Creeper and Daniel. Creeper has had a busy weekend: he landed in the toilet bowl twice while Daniel peeing. I don’t think Creeper will be accompanying Daniel to the toilet again but he is very, very clean now as he’s been through the washing machine twice.
Don’t ask


Daniel climbing a gorgeous tree
Albert Park

9 responses to “Auckland’s Sky Tower”

  1. Rachel — These photos are lovely. So nice to see ones of the family even if Elizabeth is doing things that attract the wrong kind of attention. 🙂 You look absolutely stunning in the one with Elizabeth.

    Your and Ben’s kindness in giving your dad a break from his chores knows no bounds. I guess he’s catching up on the lost time now. Happy days!

    1. Thanks, Bronwyn. Yes, we thought we should take Dad out for the day to get some exercise. 🙂
      He seemed to enjoy himself.

  2. Great stuff. It always raises a smile to see people enjoyng the day. 🙂

    1. It was an enjoyable day despite the rain and despite Auckland.

  3. Ooooh, I’ve been up there 🙂 Didn’t go bungee jumping either, but I liked the view!

    1. The view is pretty good. 🙂

  4. Wonderful photos of you and your beautiful family Rachel, what a super day out with your dad, you all look as a family should, happy and healthy 🙂 Poor Creeper though…glad to know he is nice and clean again 😉

    1. Thankfully Creeper has avoided any further swims in our toilet as Daniel has promised to leave him behind when he goes to the toilet now. And it was a super day. We’ve enjoyed Dad’s visit so much but sadly, he returns to Australia tomorrow 😦

      1. Creeper must be very happy now about that 🙂

        Oh, I’m so sorry about your dad having to say goodbye. Reminds me of when my mum would come to stay when we lived in the States and then had to return back home. Big hugs for tomorrow Rachel, will be thinking of you…

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