Auckland’s Sky Tower

I thought I should give Dad a break from doing chores around our house so today we took him to the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower, a 328m structure in central Auckland. It took two years and nine months to build and cost NZ$85 million. There are some impressive views from the top, a couple of restaurants, a cafe, a sweet shop, some pieces of glass flooring, a platform to bungy jump from (we decided not to do this) and today there was an odd character in a Sky Tower costume.

Here’s a photo which is almost perfect except that Elizabeth is touching her bottom. I keep telling her that it’s rude to do this in public but she doesn’t listen to me.

From left to right: Dad, Me, Daniel, Sky Tower person, Elizabeth
The hill at 11 o’clock is Mt Eden, a volcanic cone.
The Sky Tower
Auckland Harbour Bridge and Waitemata Harbour


Elizabeth, Creeper and Daniel. Creeper has had a busy weekend: he landed in the toilet bowl twice while Daniel peeing. I don’t think Creeper will be accompanying Daniel to the toilet again but he is very, very clean now as he’s been through the washing machine twice.
Don’t ask


Daniel climbing a gorgeous tree
Albert Park