Cycling the Solar System part 2

Daniel was home sick from school today and so what better thing to do with a sick child than take him on a bicycle ride through the York Solar System. I visited the Solar System back in early September, just after taking possession of Busby the bakfiets, but I only made it as far as Jupiter. The whole journey there and back is almost 30km – according to map my ride – and I was unfit back then. It was on that occasion that a jogger overtook me.

I’m in pretty good shape now and the weather is cooler and more conducive to physical activity as far as I’m concerned so I ventured out with high expectations of completing the entire journey and I did. It was beautiful. The autumn colours look gorgeous and there’s an interesting mix of woodland, fields of crops and green pastures.

The maximum temperature today was just 4°C but I didn’t feel cold at all and the children assured me that they were warm despite a lack of heating inside the bicycle. My toes were frozen by the time I got back but this could probably have been avoided with thicker socks.

Some photos from the trail:




And just to prove that I made it all the way to Pluto:


I accidentally cycled straight past Pluto as it was off the track slightly and I ended up at the end of the bike path feeling a little lost. But we found it eventually. The whole track was very quiet with few people around apart from the odd cyclist and dog + owner.