LOOK: a pic of me in a bikini!

Don’t be daft! As if I’d post a photograph of myself in a bikini on the web for all to see. I just wanted to see how many perverts there are out there and whether my stats increase with this title.

We did go to the beach today though – to Takapuna beach – where lovely views of Rangitoto, the most recent volcano to erupt in Auckland, can be seen. Rangitoto is unlikely to erupt again. The next eruption will be somewhere new. Under our house for instance.

I had a terrible migraine last night. I never take anything stronger than Nurofen or Panadol for migraines and neither of them really do much other than take the edge off if that. But this week the doctor gave me something different to try called Rizatriptan benzoate which is a serotonin receptor agonist. I’m NEVER taking it again. It melts on your tongue and you’re supposed to let it mostly dissolve before swallowing. Almost immediately I found it difficult to swallow. This made me panicky because I’d read the warnings which included chest/throat/neck/jaw pain, tightness and pressure. I’ve since discovered one of the side-effects is also paranoia which I certainly had (but I may have had this regardless). Then within about 20 minutes or so I felt sick, really sick and puked up all my dinner. I also had diarrhoea and dizziness and felt sweaty and cold at the same time. Fortunately after I’d finished emptying the contents of my digestive tract, I mostly started to feel better. It helped the headache too and I eventually got off to sleep but it wasn’t worth all that other stuff. I still have a headache today but it’s not so bad.

Here are some photos from Takapuna beach today:





That’s Rangitoto, which in Maori means blood red sky. They saw it erupt some 600 years ago.


Oh, and what do you know? There is a pic of me in a bikini! :-0