Another day, another city, another sister. This time we’re in Geneva visiting Ben’s sister.

I have never been all that fond of Geneva because it has somewhat of an exclusive feeling to it. It also seems to be full of banks and shops selling expensive watches.

Something that they do very well here though is public transport. Public transport to and from the airport is completely free. I am told that the airport pays for this so as to discourage car use and waste-of-land parking. They also have trams which run all the time so you never need to check what time the next tram comes. Bicycle infrastructure is also pretty good and surprisingly better than what I saw in the South of France which is very odd given that cycling is supposed to be the national sport in France. In fact, someone told me that cyclists are restricted to 10km/h on one of the new bike paths in the Côte d’Azur and police monitor their speeds and fine them when caught speeding!!!!

I saw lots of bicycles around including this one with timber mud guards.


There were also a few people riding around on scooters like this very trendy-looking fellow:


Here’s a pic of me and Daniel with the famous fountain in the background.


Someone suggested in the comments on my blog yesterday that I should make my next post about the unethical clothing sweatshops in Asia. At first I thought this was a fine suggestion but then I realised this person was criticising me by implying that my clothing choices are unethical. So I’d like to publicise that the coat I’m wearing in the above photograph is a Zara wool coat bought for £6 at a charity shop in York. The boots are hand-me-downs from my sister, the scarf I made myself and everything underneath is also second-hand except for my undies and tights. Most of my wardrobe is second-hand and I actually have a bit of an obsession with charity shops. (UPDATE 1/11/13: It seems I have misinterpreted this comment. See comments below)

People swim in Lake Geneva year round and we saw some of these nutters in action. Ben’s sister does the same thing every weekend even in the middle of winter.


Some close-ups of the fountain:



Picnic lunch: