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  • It’s 4C and I’m hot

    It’s 4C and I’m hot

    I love our Saturday bike rides to Highland Dance for Elizabeth followed by lunch at Newton Dee. My bike told me it was 4C: But I got hot from the exercise. I feel so happy after a bike ride. We’re so lucky to live somewhere we can cycle all year round. I love feeling the […]

  • Standing stones, pool, horses, and friends

    Standing stones, pool, horses, and friends

    These are the standing stones at Belwade Horse Farm which is a charity for neglected, abused, and/or unwanted horses. It’s near Aboyne which is about an hour south-west of Aberdeen, in the Cairngorms. We visited the place today with some friends. I’m fascinated by these stone circles which are all over Scotland. This particular one […]

  • Inside my greenhouse

    Inside my greenhouse

    It’s a lovely drizzly day today. I cycled to Newton Dee thinking I’d have the bike path all to myself but there were lots of people there – dog walkers, cyclists, and joggers. I love it when it’s overcast and I don’t have to squint. Squinting is annoying because it gives me wrinkles and somehow […]

  • The photographer’s muse

    One of my Aussie friends is a photographer and many years ago I was a muse of sorts for his art. Last week he was sorting through some photos and found some of these old ones. Here they are, photos taken of me in my home about 15 years ago. Stewart is very talented and […]

  • A rainy autumn day on the bike path

    A rainy autumn day on the bike path

    We ran out of biscuits today which was potentially disastrous. My choice was either to bake some biscuits or cycle to Newton Dee to buy some more. Of course the virtuous thing to do would have been to cycle to Newton Dee to buy the *ingredients* and then return home to cook them but I’m not that virtuous. And so […]

  • The best birthday ever

    The best birthday ever

    A conversation at school this morning. Elizabeth (to her friend): It’s my mum’s birthday today and she’s 41. Elizabeth’s friend: Wow, my mum’s heaps younger than your mum but your mum looks heaps younger than my mum. The best birthday present ever 🙂 I had a nice day today. I did one of my favourite things which […]

  • How to have your photo taken

    My sister, Susie, is here for the weekend and I took her out for lunch to the Foodstory café on Thursday (best café in Aberdeen) but she refused to let me take a photo of her. Why don’t people like having their photos taken? I love having my photo taken and I’m so good at it, […]

  • Ben has been awarded a chair

    There has been some good news this past week, despite all my misery over the trees. Last week Ben was promoted to professor of pure mathematics. In the UK this means he now has a chair. I have no idea why they call it a chair but when Elizabeth was explaining it to Daniel she said, “It […]

  • I’m sorry, Harald!

    I had a bit of a rant this morning about Harald. I’m very sorry, Harald. I’ve just come back from a fantastic cycle out to Newton Dee. It’s only about 8 miles there and back and goes up an elevation of almost 50m on the way out which means it’s mostly downhill on the way back. […]

  • Home again

    I’m back at home in Aberdeen after a superb week in Dublin. I flew into Aberdeen yesterday and the views from the plane made me feel so lucky to live here. I could see mountains with snow in the distance, next to rolling hills and then patchwork fields of crops, forest, the silver rows of […]

  • Vegan Cheese

    Elizabeth has been begging to go to Newton Dee for the past few days. She even drew this picture of it this morning. Can you see Busby? We go about once per month, maybe more, and I guess she enjoys the ride there in Busby and also the promise of vegan chocolate or some other yummy treat. I […]

  • Cycling in the snow

    What do you on a cold Saturday afternoon just as it’s starting to rain? Go for a bike ride of course. Only sissies are afraid of the rain. We cycled to Newton Dee as I was in need of chocolate – it has been at least a couple of weeks since I had my last fix […]

  • Deeside cycleway and vegan chocolate

    One of our favourite things to do is to cycle out to Newton Dee on the Deeside cycleway. It’s about 5 miles along an old train line and at Newton Dee there’s a nice cafe and grocery store. It was a lovely ride on the shortest day of the year which is today but it was […]

  • Allan Park and Newton Dee

    Ben is away in Germany doing some maths at a maths institute in the Black Forest and so the three of us caught up with some friends today and went cycling. We cycled out to Newton Dee which is about 5 miles from Duthie Park along the Deeside Cycleway. Newton Dee is a village for adults with […]

  • Newton Dee

    There aren’t very many off-road cycle paths in Aberdeen but there is one very good one: Deeside Way. It runs along an old train line from Duthie Park all the way out to Ballater, a total distance of 41 miles. Unfortunately the line is no longer used by trains; it was closed in 1966. But once […]