Allan Park and Newton Dee

Ben is away in Germany doing some maths at a maths institute in the Black Forest and so the three of us caught up with some friends today and went cycling. We cycled out to Newton Dee which is about 5 miles from Duthie Park along the Deeside Cycleway.

Newton Dee is a village for adults with learning disabilities and special needs where they can live and work and feel like they’re a part of the community. It’s a fabulous place. They have a café, a grocery store, a craft shop, a bakery, a library, and some farm animals. It’s a lovely place to visit and so nice to see meaningful work opportunities for people with disabilities.

We stopped at Allan Park on the way which is a lovely, leafy park between the cycleway and the River Dee. Some pics:



There’s also a playground at Newton Dee. I think Daniel is dreaming about the iPad in this next one:


Bicycle parking just outside the front door:




Craft shop in the café: