Allan Park and Newton Dee

Ben is away in Germany doing some maths at a maths institute in the Black Forest and so the three of us caught up with some friends today and went cycling. We cycled out to Newton Dee which is about 5 miles from Duthie Park along the Deeside Cycleway.

Newton Dee is a village for adults with learning disabilities and special needs where they can live and work and feel like they’re a part of the community. It’s a fabulous place. They have a café, a grocery store, a craft shop, a bakery, a library, and some farm animals. It’s a lovely place to visit and so nice to see meaningful work opportunities for people with disabilities.

We stopped at Allan Park on the way which is a lovely, leafy park between the cycleway and the River Dee. Some pics:



There’s also a playground at Newton Dee. I think Daniel is dreaming about the iPad in this next one:


Bicycle parking just outside the front door:




Craft shop in the café:


6 responses to “Allan Park and Newton Dee”

  1. Such a great concept for a community – it would be nice to see it grow elsewhere in the country, as it looks such a good place for visitors too.

    • Yes, I agree. I love that there’s a place like this and that it’s such a great business in its own right. The cafe is terrific and people come from all over Aberdeen to buy their bread which has a very good reputation.

    • Newton Dee is just wonderful. The food in the cafe is so delicious and their bakery is very popular. They make very heavy, solid breads like the Germans do and they’re just delicious.

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