Inside my greenhouse

It’s a lovely drizzly day today. I cycled to Newton Dee thinking I’d have the bike path all to myself but there were lots of people there – dog walkers, cyclists, and joggers. I love it when it’s overcast and I don’t have to squint. Squinting is annoying because it gives me wrinkles and somehow squinting and frowning affects my mood. Try relaxing the muscles in your face except for those that make you smile for about 30 seconds and see how you feel. Now frown and squint for 30 seconds and see how you feel. It’s much more pleasant to smile and not frown, don’t you think?

I took a photo of Busby, my trusty steed, outside Newton Dee.


I’ve got seedlings growing in abundance in my glasshouse right now. All the plants in this next photo were grown from seed.


My tomatoes were also grown from seed and one of them is beginning to flower.


These are carrots in this next photo and also grown from seed. I’ve never grown carrots before so not sure how they’ll turn out.


7 thoughts on “Inside my greenhouse”

  1. Your carrots look good! I remember my husband saying carrots were difficult to grow.
    I thought I was the only person who had a squinting issue! I became really conscious about it when I was walking along in the sun with my daughter and two men in their twenties were walking towards us and one of them said, “Smile, love, it might never happen!” and then turned to his friend and said, “F* h*…” Rhiannon said once that happens to her all the time, because her mouth naturally turns downwards, so I didn’t know which of us he was referring to, but it made me feel really helpless as I hadn’t been able to come back with a put down. I think if I’d pointed out to those men that women would never feel able to make comments about men’s expressions in the same way, they wouldn’t even have understood where I was coming from. Annoyingly though I have found myself consciously trying not to squint in the sun since that time so as not to invite disparaging comments from men :-/

    1. Those men were pricks. I would have poked my tongue out at them. Or you can have said that’s just your resting bitch face 🙂 We quint at the sun because we are protecting our eyes. It serves a purpose and can’t be avoided but I would rather not squint and so I like overcast days.

    1. No. The slugs are still around and eating my plants. Last night I took both trays of seedlings inside to protect them. I really need to come outside after dark with a torch and grab them but it doesn’t get dark till after I’ve gone to bed here.

      1. Another thing that apparently works is leaving a cup of beer around. Slugs love beer (seriously) and they crawl into the cup and drown.

      2. Yes, that is true. I did that last year over the summer and caught a lot of slugs that way. I’ll put some out this week.

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