Vegan Cheese

Elizabeth has been begging to go to Newton Dee for the past few days. She even drew this picture of it this morning. Can you see Busby?


We go about once per month, maybe more, and I guess she enjoys the ride there in Busby and also the promise of vegan chocolate or some other yummy treat. I love the grocery store at Newton Dee and always stock up on things I can’t get at the mainstream supermarket like vegan cheese. I’ve tried lots of vegan cheeses and most of them are pretty disgusting but not this one:


Violife is made in Greece and so it’s also nice knowing I’m helping to support the Greek economy 🙂


9 Replies to “Vegan Cheese”

    1. Your comment made me realise that Elizabeth has drawn a picture of a shop with a bike and bike parking out the front rather than a car park filled with cars 🙂

  1. Elizabeth has a good eye for details.I noticed the bike racks.

    Agree with you about vegan cheese. I have yet to taste one that isn’t revolting.

    Have a nice day at Newton Dee if you go. It sounds such an interesting place.

    1. I wonder whether you can get this Greek vegan cheese in Australia? It’s really good and the only one I’ve found that I like.

  2. Violife is good, but the best vegan cheese I’ve tasted so far is from Midas Deli. It’s quite expensive and is shipped from Malta but it is absolutely awesome!

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