I’m sorry, Harald!

I had a bit of a rant this morning about Harald. I’m very sorry, Harald. I’ve just come back from a fantastic cycle out to Newton Dee. It’s only about 8 miles there and back and goes up an elevation of almost 50m on the way out which means it’s mostly downhill on the way back. It’s also entirely cycle path so there are no cars or busy roads.

Harald is perfect on rides like this and it was pure riding bliss. It’s just putting the brake down when we stop that’s hard and impossible on hills. Oh well. I guess we can’t have everything.

Just as we arrived back home I was approached by a couple of people who seemed to know me. It turns out they knew me from my blog so it seems I have a fan club of two. How cool is that? My Mum and Dad are not the only ones who read my blog 🙂

Newton Dee is a special place. It’s a community for adults with disabilities where they can work and have meaningful lives. We know one of the adults there pretty well now because he always introduces himself to us when we go. His name his Hugh and he makes wooden toys for the gift shop. Daniel was very taken with him today and wanted to buy one of his toys, even though he’s too big for them now – they’re mostly wooden cars and trucks. I was very proud of Daniel because it shows that he has empathy and wants to help others. I could tell this was the reason he wanted to buy a toy. I don’t think there’s anything more important for children to learn than kindness to other people and animals. This trumps sporting and academic achievements to my mind. I let them each buy one of Hugh’s toys. Thank you, Hugh!