Ben has been awarded a chair

There has been some good news this past week, despite all my misery over the trees. Last week Ben was promoted to professor of pure mathematics. In the UK this means he now has a chair. I have no idea why they call it a chair but when Elizabeth was explaining it to Daniel she said, “It means he’s reached the highest level in the game” and Daniel immediately understood. In the UK, Australia, and New Zealand it goes lecturer, senior lecturer, reader, professor. There’s also sometimes two grades of senior lecturer, depending on the university. Congratulations to Ben. It’s definitely well-deserved.

In other good news I finally got a new iPhone. My old iPhone 4S is nearly four years old and I dropped it in Vienna and smashed the screen. I had hoped to get it to four years but almost four years is still pretty good. I’ll probably replace the screen and keep the phone for posterity but I now have a shiny new iPhone SE which I got to try today at Newton Dee. I think the photos are much better than my old one. What do you think?






I’m thinking of plastering Wapuu stickers all over my bike. Is that a good idea or not?