A rainy autumn day on the bike path

We ran out of biscuits today which was potentially disastrous. My choice was either to bake some biscuits or cycle to Newton Dee to buy some more. Of course the virtuous thing to do would have been to cycle to Newton Dee to buy the *ingredients* and then return home to cook them but I’m not that virtuous.


And so this quest for biscuits led me to cycling to Newton Dee in the rain. Why don’t people like going outside in the rain? I have gum boots and a raincoat and was mostly dry and perfectly warm. There was also practically no-one else about and the autumn colours are beautiful right now. It was a wonderful ride. Go cycling in the rain one day. It’s very pleasant. I highly recommend it.

Here’s the view from the bike path today.




There were a couple of other bicycles at Newton Dee and I noticed that neither of them was locked up. Newton Dee is a pretty safe place. In fact, Aberdeen is a pretty safe place.


Back at home again after a bit of fresh air and exercise; just what I needed.


4 responses to “A rainy autumn day on the bike path”

    • Yes, the poking tongue out was getting a bit old and tired. Time for a change!

      The first pic is the pathway from our back gate to the bike path. I don’t cycle on that. I just pushed it to the bike path and go from there. But having said that, I think Harald would cope very well off-road. I’ll try it one day.

    • Hmm, yes, I can see that would be a problem. 20/20 vision here but I realise my days of 20/20 vision are numbered and probably running out faster than I’d like. I have no suggestions other than to wear a rain hat?

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